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Beverly Hills Cop Detroit Lions Axel Foley Letterman Jacket | Varsity Jacket

Beverly Hills Cop Detroit Lions Axel Foley Letterman Jacket | Varsity Jacket

Hill Cop Eddie Murphy Baseball Jacket | 

The lovely jacket worn the Axel Foley Letterman Jacket, an all-time favorite American comedy series, Beverly Hills Cop must be somewhere in your mind. If you want to wear the same style and look as handsome as he did, here is the best replica for you. With smart black torso and white sleeves, the Famous Jackets features rib knit cuffs and collar. It has overall a very casual and stylish appeal.  It has the Detroit lion’s logo on the back and front side too – it would give you a perfect sporty image as well. The front closure has buttons and two waists zipped pockets.

Eddie Murphy Jacket Features:

  • Contrasting colors – black and white.
  • Rib-knit cuffs
  • Movie: Beverly Hills Cop
  • Material: 100% Pure Sartin & Jersy
  • Celebrity: Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley

80’s actors and actresses have their class in the world of glamour. The movies of the 80s and 90s are what you can enjoy watching anytime as the level of class and grace those movies have can't match with today's content and if we go back to the fashion and style ofthe 80s you can disagree with the fact that fashion at that time is something classy that today’s generation love to repeat it and girls want to slay in those stylish outfits in the best way possible according to the trend.

Taking back you to the times when the super hit movie Beverly-hill-cop-Detroit lions was an all-time favorite for all as Eddie Murphy marks worth of his work in the hearts of the audience and not his work but also the way he dressed up in the movie was so graceful. . The synthetic black leather jacket he wore in the movie was so noticeable as the replica of that jacket is now selling in the market namely Beverly-hill-cop Detroit Lions Axel Foley Bomber Jacket or American flag jacket.

The market is full of branded leather jackets but quality and guarantee are not everywhere. The online market Famous Leather Jackets are selling the same piece of the American flag jacket with good quality fabric and stuff. All you need is to just go through the details of the American flag leather jacket and grab it asap as what if it goes out of stock? Because this the jacket has a huge demand in the market and everyone is running after it so you need to hurry up and book your order. So going on date, party, or any gathering this American flag leather jacket would be perfect for your casual looks.


 From collars, sleeves to the stitching, fitting, and what not every element of the American flag jacket is so delicate. Just look at the rib knitted round collar which will faultlessly fit on your neck, covers the neck properly, and enhance up the layout of the jacket.Prominent detailing at the midriff and rib knitted cuffs on sleeves is a cherry on top of your jacket look. These sleeves look so startling and are best going with the jacket’s design. Not only collar and sleeves are smart but also the waistline showing its decency, as you see the rib-knitted style on the waistline, is so catchy, snappy, and makes you happy no? You can’t deny the fact that the celebrities jackets are what you enjoy wearing and you become happy, you enjoy being yourself and this is what I think everyone wants.

You barely see the fronts good button closures I mean stylish button closures because almost most of the jackets have a zipper closure at the front and if few have button closure so sometimes they give you a childish look or you can say they don't look good and are not matching up with the jacket's layout just performing its purpose that is covering up the chest from wind and breeze but the American flag jacket owns front button closure and is no less than any other feature of the jacket. I must say this button the closure is somehow looking cute or adorable. You can also leave them open and enjoy it is as it is but if you want to cover your chest from frostiness so close your buttons and protect your chest. My point is that it does not only cover your chest but the way they knitted on the jacket is so delicate.

 As like protecting from cold is the essential purpose of jackets so having pockets is also very important in a jacket. Sometimes you just wear the t-shirt and trouser and just went out in the cold winter nights and wears the jacket as a savior from cold also you can't get out without your phone or wallet or sometimes you have other small things to take out with yourself so pockets help you here a lot so having multiple pockets in a jacket is best. The American flag jacket has pockets at the waist and also has inside pockets so you can keep your little things with you while going out or while wearing pockets with fewer t-shirts and trousers also you can keep your cold hands inside the pockets at the waist to feel warmer.

Quality fabric is not everywhere in the town and also pure leather is not everywhere. Sometimes jackets you buy just look like a jacket but do not provide warmth to your body because the leather those jackets are made up of is not real leather. Wearing a jacket and still feel cold seems like you wasted your money on the wrong product so choose what is best. The American flag jacket has 100% genuine fleece fabric and synthetic leather which helps you to keep yourself warm from stiff. You feel protected while going out in windy weather not only this, the American flag jacket is so comfy and smooth like your skin feels smoother and soft so not only good in a layout manner but also procure you from shivering and cold. This jacket has an inner viscose lining keeping your skin softer and is of high quality.

Choosing one online market from so many is a task and getting what you order on your doorstep is luck but here I would recommend you what is easily approachable and will sell you what you exactly saw on the screen. Famous Jackets are one of my favorites. They offer a very wide assemblage of leather jackets and celebrity jackets. They have the same replicas of the celebrity jackets which you adore while watching movies and not only this they have good rates. Shopping from brand Famous jackets would be a good selection.

Having an American flag jacket in your wardrobe? What more amazing you want in your wardrobe? Paired it with blue jeans, Snickers and also with bright color Tees and grab the attention of all. So what you are waiting for? Go and grab your favorite piece now from brand Famous  Jackets.

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